You may need to make sure that the correct time zone is set-up every time a new iDempiere server is created.  As part of the Ubuntu 18.04 iDempiere installation process, several commands may be executed to set-up the local time zone.  In your command terminal, you can verify the date by typing the command ‘date’.   If the time zone is not what you expected, you will need to change it to the correct one.   Type “sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata” and choose your local time zone.

Aside from updating the time zone in your server, you may also need to update the time zone in PostgreSQL as well.   To verify if PostgreSQL is in the correct time zone, you will need to type ‘select now()’.  If it is not in the correct time zone, simply type the following commands to correct the time zone: ‘select * from pg_timezone_names’. Determine your time zone and then run ‘alter database postgres set timezone to ‘asia/manila’.  Restart the server to ensure that the changes take effect.