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We offer an open source ERP solution that can be a part of your Company’s technology mix.  Open Source ERP Solutions democratizes the ERP playing field and offer Companies another path to improve their businesses.  

What is iDempiere ERP?

iDempiere is a tier-2 mature ERP system comparable to available ERP proprietary ERP systems and offers a lot more than a typical off-the-shelf Accounting software.  It is a boon for Philippine SMEs as it gives these companies an alternative ERP application that can fully support the basic needs of a Philippine-based business.

The open nature of the systems gives you the flexibility to access all modules and features at the onset.  You can have unlimited users working in your office, working from home or working on the road without additional costs and license fees.  All features come out of the box. Use only what you want and let the system grow with your business.

Why invest in a  Php 1M ++ proprietary ERP when a similar ERP system is available in the market at the fraction of the cost?

Digital Road Map

Why do we need to implement an ERP in our business?

The value of an online presence is increasing every year.  Businesses need to have a digital presence to continue to grow. However,  online marketing and selling should only be part of a company’s digital presence.  Are you able to keep track of leads? Is your team communicating efficiently? Are orders completed and recorded correctly? Are purchases received correctly? Can you know if your business is making a profit now?  Is your accounting system sufficient for your business  growth and vision? 

An online back-bone/infrastructure set-up must also be considered as part of a company’s digital road map.  An ERP System will not only complement online marketing and selling transactions but, can lead to reducing your costs and improving your profits.  iDempiere works through the cloud and is suitable to any online (or on-premise) business.  The system will grow with your business as it can handle businesses from Php1M to Php500M gross sales.  No Vendor lock-in.  No licenses.  All functions available out of the box




"is iDempiere for my business?"

All businesses – large, medium or small scale businesses  – want information to efficiently flow among all its business units with the hopes of increasing company profits.   Isn’t this what all businesses want?  Profits.  All the major ERPs will have features for every function,   industry and use case.  It is hard-pressed not to find any feature that a business can use in these ERP systems.  Until recently, only large businesses have been able to afford an information-driven ERP system such as SAP or Oracle.  Not anymore.  It no longer costs an arm and a leg to invest in a fully-functional ERP.    

Is iDempiere for my business?  The answer will be “What feature do you need in your business?”  iDempiere will cover roughly 80% of features found in an SAP or Oracle implementation.   It will cover most of your business needs.  If we were to compare it with cars,  iDempiere gives you a standard featured mid-range sedan rather than a luxury sedan with extra features.    However, in the end,  both systems will get you to your destination.    If you are evaluating an ERP,  “Should you include an iDempiere Open Source ERP in your evaluation process?”  If you are a growing business in need of a fully functional system without any locked-feature nor additional/hidden costs, then iDempiere will be worth looking at as an alternative.

Our ecosystem

Technologies Used

We’ve used some of the technologies below in our iDempiere development, customization and implementation.


Some of the
key Benefits
of iDempiere

Unlimited Users

No need to share users. Anyone or everyone in your organization can be a user with different security roles. No additional user fees required.

Lower Cost of Ownership

No license fees. No annual maintenance fees. No additional module fees. You only pay for implementation, customization, training and managed services.

3rd Party Integration

iDempiere can be a part of your own IT ecosystem. Integrate the system with your online store, mobile app or various other third party applications

Work Anywhere

Whether you are at home, at the warehouse, on the road or playing golf, you and your your team will always be working seamlessly together through iDempiere's central database.

Tax Compliant

The system is fully compliant with Tax regulations and rates for VAT and Withholding Tax.

Unlimited Reports

You have the option of creating unlimited number of reports for your business. Filter only the information you need and see how iDempiere will grow your business.

Application Dictionary

The Application Dictionary allows you to customize menus, windows, tabs, tables without coding. 75% of your business requirements can be done in-house without additional costs.

Accounting Schema

iDempiere supports international accounting reporting regardless of whether it is IFRS or GAAP.

Works with spreadsheets

Do you prefer doing work with Excel but need the power of an ERP? You will be please to know that iDempiere can import and export data to these formats.

Start-up/SME Businesses

If you have a vision of growth for your business, why not start with a system that grows with you? The system allows you to use only what you need and use other features when needed.


Different access to windows and tables can be given via the Role and User based security feature.


Where do I start?

All businesses operate differently and are not alike.  A great deal of customization is normally required.  However, if you have a business with the typical Inventory, Purchasing,  Sales and tax requirements, we can have an ERP start-up package ready for you in as early as four weeks. The start-up package is a great way to evaluate if an ERP is best for your business without millions of pesos in costs.     Learn More

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    Why Rampiere IT Solutions?

    We have experience running businesses and offer our services with a mindset of an SME entrepreneur.  We know what small-medium businesses need and will utilize our IT solutions experience in satisfying that need.  

    Our team is composed of businessmen and IT practitioners who have honed their skills in ERP/CRM Solutions in both Microsoft, SAP and Open Source ERP solutions.   

    We follow the principles of Project Management and Agile in our implementation method to ensure a rapid deployment of your ERP to support your needs.


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