You don’t need to install your own client when trying to learn to iDempiere.  iDempiere comes pre-installed with a client called ‘Garden World’. You can play around, manipulate data and review results using the ‘Garden World’ client.  Using ‘Garden World’, you can create a sample purchase transaction. 

The steps you can do are as follows:

  1. Open the Purchase Order window and randomly select a business partner. Fill in all the required details. Go to the Purchase Order Details Tab and add a  product.
  2. Complete your Purchase Order.
  3. Open the Material Receipt window and select the same business partner and warehouse from your Purchase Order.  Fill in all required details. Click the “Create Lines From” button to pop-up the “Create lines From” Info Form.  Your Purchase Order should be in the Purchase Order drop down. Select it and click on the check button. (note: if your PO is not in the drop down, make sure that your Material Receipt business partner and warehouse/locator match the Purchase Order’s Business Partner and warehouse/locator).
  4. Complete your Material Receipt.  
  5. We can create an invoice via the Process Widget in the same window.  After you click the widget, add your invoice number and click Okay.
  6. You’ve just added stock to your warehouse! To verify, you can go to the “Product Info” window and select your product and warehouse.  The quantity should be added in the warehouse. Alternatively, you can always check the Material Transaction Window. This Form traces the movement of the product in the warehouse.  Your Material Transaction window should be there.
  7. Now, we go to the 2nd part of our transaction by opening the invoice.
  8. When you open the Invoice (Vendor) window, search for the invoice you just created.  After finding the invoice, you will see that the Invoice Header and Invoice Line contains the Material Receipt/Purchase Order details.  Once completed, we are now ready to generate a payment.
  9. Open the Payment Selection window and fill-in details.  Make sure that you choose the Bank where the payment will come from.
  10. Open the Payment Detail Record, select your invoice with the whole payment to be paid.
  11. Complete the Payment by clicking on “Prepare Payment”
  12. Open the Payment Print/Export form and choose your Payment from the Payment Selection. (note: the bank you chose needs a bank account and an existing document with document no. If there is none, it will not do anything).
  13. Process your Payment Print/Export.
  14. Verify the Payment by opening the Payment window.  You should see the the Payment you just finished.
  15. Congratulations! You’ve just completed your first major transaction in iDempiere!