iDempiere can be set up to send emails automatically to certain users.  Alerts are in the form of an Excel attachments to the email.  The contents of the file comes from an SQL statement that a user sets in the Alert window.  The steps in setting up Email Alerts are as follows:

  1. Connect to your email host.


Other common SMTP ports are 25 and 465.

2.  Test your connection.  If successful, then you are in. One common issue that you may encounter is the system’s Java version will not match with the /opt/idempiere-server/ALPN.jar file.  This prevents connection to your mail server.  A typical error you would see is “sun/security/ssl/SupportedEllipticCurvesExtension”.  To resolve this, you will need to change your ALPN.jar to match the Java version. See for details.

3.  Open the Alert window and create a new alert.  See sample below


4. Note that clicking Enforce Security may prevent alerts from running as it goes through the user’s security access.   Also, choose the appropriate Alert Processor.  You can set the alert frequency (i.e. 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 day, 7 days) in the Alert Processor window.

5. Create the SQL statement via the Alert Rule Tab.



6. Add the email recipient in the ‘Email Recipient Tab’.

7. If everything has been set correctly, an email should be sent when the time set in the Alert processor is reached.  You can determine if the email was sent via the Alert processor log tab.