iDempiere is capable of attaching scanned documents per transaction i.e. it has an out of the box Document Management system which can be used to attach scanned documents.  This is a nice and simple feature that gives you a document backup of your original document. It is also a convenient way to look for documents such as invoices, official receipts and government permits when you need it on the fly.   A Philippine retail business needs several documents permits ranging from local barangay permits, BIR permits to local municipal permits. All these different permits can be scanned and attached to a particular iDempiere transaction. In this way, you will always have a permanent record of these documents which you can access anytime in the ERP.

iDempiere stores attachments two ways – either through a database or it can archive it on your file system.  It is always recommended to archive it in the file system because attaching it in your database increases the size of your database to an unmanageable level.  On the other hand, you can use always use file system tools to keep your documents safe.

This is a simple attachment feature useful in storing and locating documents.  When you have thousands of transactions and you need to match a specific transaction  to a specific document immediately, this feature makes life easier for your Filipino SME company.  And all of this is for free.