Hi! My name is Henry.   This blog is about iDempiere Open Source ERP and the way it can help Philippine Small and Medium enterprises improve their productivity and increase their bottom line.  I dabbled a little bit with Tiny ERP (now oDoo), Compiere and Open Bravo  in 2008 but focused my efforts on aDempiere soon after.  I shifted  to iDempiere  in 2011 but soon found myself dividing my time between my full time work, iDempiere and 3 young toddlers when I moved overseas.  I re-started my interest in iDempiere in 2018 after returning to Manila.  I am focused on continuing my passion for iDempiere and all things Open Source.

In my previous life, I was a .Net Solutions Developer and worked mainly with Microsoft technologies.   I was highly involved with the implementation of my current company’s ERP.   I have a computer science degree from De La Salle University as well as an MBA from the Asian Institute of Management.  Additionally, I have a Diploma in Project Management from Ateneo de Manila and a Diploma in Software Development from AMES IT Academy (New Zealand).

You can email me at rampitsolutions@gmail.com if you’re interested in learning more how  iDempiere can help your Philippine business.