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Unicenta POS 

UniCenta POS is a  point-of-sale (POS) software solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses. It helps businesses manage sales, inventory, and customer transactions efficiently. Plus, we can integrate it with our iDempiere ERP for a complete business solution.

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Unicenta POS


iDempiere is an Open Source Tier 2 ERP system with all major functions available out of the box.  It is based on OpenJDK and PostgreSQL technologies and can easily be customized via an OSGI plugin framework.

Application Dictionary

The Application Dictionary is a powerful feature of iDempiere. This feature virtually allows any application changes directly in the system without requiring compilation or re-building.  
The feature reduces development of code as most simple customization and changes can be done within the system itself. 

Below are some of the highlighted features of the system:

Purchasing Management

Sales Management

ERP Packages

ERP Start-up

This is ideal for small businesses looking for a system to test within 3 to 4 weeks and go-live soon after.  All features are available out of the box. However, the ERP Start-up customization focuses on the sales, purchasing, bank reconciliation and inventory processes i.e. key areas that need to be streamlined.   There will be minimal Accounting related features included in the set-up.  There will also be minimal support hours to assist in setting-up the system and training the users.


ERP Step-up

This is ideal for businesses looking to add more features in the ERP Start-up package.  All features are available out of the box.  However, additional customization will include assistance for CRM, product, cash management and the simple manufacturing module.  ERP Step-up is ideal for businesses with simple manufacturing processes.   There will be limited Accounting related features included in the set-up but more support hours as compared to the ERP Start-up.

ERP Build-up

This package is for businesses who value iDempiere as their main ERP package.  It is also ideal for businesses which need to integrate an ERP with third-party applications to come up with a well-rounded business solution ecosystem.  In addition, the full Accounting module is expected to implemented in this package. This package is also ideal for businesses which need continued support and customization. 


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