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We can help you implement an ERP System from analysis, planning, design and implementation.


We can train you in using and customizing iDempiere whether this be adding new windows, tables, fields or basic reports.


We will be available to support any issues post go-live.

IT Infrastructure

We can help set-up your IT infrastructure whether it is in-house or via the cloud using AWS.

Managed Services

We can manage your iDempiere instance via an in-server using Proxmox or via the cloud using AWS.

Mobile App Development

We can develop 3rd party mobile applications which can be integrated with iDempiere.

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us for your companyWhy should you chose
us for your company
Single service offer

Why should you chose
us for your company

We have more than 5 years experience in implementing iDempiere in the Philippines. We provide iDempiere consulting services and can guide you in your implementation journey from evaluation to go-live. Learn More

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Market Research

Conduct a gap analysis and identify the company’s pain points.  


Financial Consulting

Create a happy path user case scenario.  The purpose of the happy path document is to capture your company’s operation in a concise and easy to read format.  It encapsulates 80% of your company’s operations.

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Project Management

Create a proof of concept.  


PR & Marketing

Divide requirements into several sprints.  Implement sprints accordingly and based on Client budget. 



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