The iDempiere purchasing order process comes integrated in the system. There is minimal customization needed further when going to the purchasing functions.  The regular purchasing activities that iDempiere supports are:

Purchase Requisition – Requisitions can be done manually or via an automated replenishment process. Manual requisitions are done via the Requisition window.  On the other hand, automated replenishment are done via the replenishment report process. The replenish type (i.e. reorder below minimum level etc.) must be set-up in the Product window before the automated process can be run.  

Although it doesn’t come out of the box,  the Purchase Requisition workflow can be customized to include an approval process for certain purchase requisition amounts.  

Purchase Order – Purchase orders can be created directly in the Purchase Order window without prior Purchase Requisitions.  It can also be created automatically via the ‘Create PO from Requisition’ process. Purchase Orders are created automatically  by the system after running the process. Similar to Purchase Requisitions, the Purchase Order workflow can be updated to include an approval process.

Material Receipt – Items are received in the system via the Material Receipt window.  Material Receipts can be done with or without a Purchase Order. In case no Purchase Orders are available when receiving an item, these can be matched in the future via the Matching PO-Receipt-Invoice form.  

Invoice  – There are two ways to create an invoice for a receipt or purchase order.  Invoices can be created via a create invoice process in the Material Receipt window. The process automatically creates an invoice.  Secondly, invoice details can also be set manually via the Invoice (Vendor) window.

Payment – Payments can be done via the Payment Selection form and Payment Export. These processes create paymenta for the invoice(s)  selected. It is advisable to set the payment rules and terms for vendors prior to payment. This is to ensure the correct amounts are computed by the system.  

Bank Reconciliation – Bank reconciliation can be done once bank information is received. This is done via the Bank/Cash Statement window.  Additional charges, interest can be added via the same window.