Login Screen

By default, the following log-in users are pre-defined when you first install iDempiere. There are two types of users: Client users (such as GardenAdmin) and a System User:


  • System/System
  • SuperUser/System
  • GardenAdmin/GardenAdmin
  • GardenUser/GardenUser

You enter any of the users above using the log-on screen.  

The user and password are case-sensitive and if you make a mistake an error message (‘User does not match password’) is returned. You can use the Garden World  client to test iDempiere.   A Client user has the rights to access Client information only.  GardenWorld is the sample client that comes configured with two users.   GardenAdmin is the administrator of the client GardenWorld. It can access client administrator windows such as Roles and Users.  GardenUser, on the other hand, is a sample user without access to the administrator windows.

A  System User has rights to perform system related tasks such as configuring windows, tables, reports and processes. The System and SuperUser are examples of System Users.   SuperUser can have access to both System and Client information.  Any new user you create must have a Role assigned to it.  The Login name comes from the Name field located in the User Window.  The ‘Select Role’ checkbox allows you the select the Role, Organization and Warehouse.  In the sample below, I used the ‘SuperUser’ user to log-in. As the SuperUser can have access to both System and Client information, I am allowed to choose a client.

A client limits you to a specific client you choose while a Role limits the tasks you can do.  A Role also limits your users access to the Organizations the specific Role has access To. The Org field sets your default organization but does not limit the organizations you can see. The Warehouse sets your default warehouse but does not limit the warehouse you can see. Finally, the Date field sets your default date.