iDempiere has been awarded the BOSSIE Award by InfoWorld (an IT magazine which started in 1978) for two years in a row, namely, 2015 and 2016.

In it’s 2015 award, Infoworld mentioned this – “iDempiere implements a fully loaded ERP, supply chain, and CRM suite right out of the box…being enterprise ready comes with a price, iDempiere’s feature-rich tools and complexity impose a steep learning curve and require a commitment to integration support. Of course, those costs are offset by savings from the software’s free GPL2 licensing”.

Similarly, in it’s 2016 award, Infoworld mentioned this – “ERP doesn’t come cheap, no matter whether you build or buy it. But with the combination of enterprise-grade features and a free open source license, iDempiere is a compelling proposition.”

iDempiere is a boon for Philippine SMEs. It gives these Philippine businesses an alternative ERP application that can fully support their basic business needs. I believe the BOSSIE award gives credence to the mainstream abilities of iDempiere as an ERP. Not only is iDempiere fully loaded right out of the box, it can be tailor fitted according to their requirements at the fraction of a cost of a similar ERP that is available in the market.

Infoworld Bossie Awards 2016
Infoworld Bossie Awards 2015